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9 out every 10 banks opt for VideoID

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AML    & eIDAS

Two game changers in the European financial industry



AML5 regulation allows you to access 508M consumers in just a click!

The key to understand your new commercial opportunities in Europe


Learn about the serious risks of MasterCard, VISA, Apple and Samsung Pay.

Be aware that cryptocurrencies will become mainstream.

& much more!

Discover how you can make an account portability in 3 minutes end-to-end online.

This guide will help you:




Understand why Apple Pay or VISA are threatened & how this could affect you

Both AML5 & eIDAS enable videoidentification for formal remote customer identification in any member state

How to provide services to a Digital Single Market with 508 million consumers 

What you will learn:

banks using digital identification systems 
have opted for our VideoID solution with


70% increase in their conversion rate


Find out how to provide services to 508 million consumers in just 1 click.

Ever dreamed of a Unique European Market such as in the US? 


in the new unique European market 


508 M

300 M


in the US market 

Who is responsible for my personal data?

Two Game Changers in the European Financial Industry

Increase your chances of growing faster with no restriction:

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