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9 out every 10 banks opt for VideoID

The key to understand your new commercial opportunities in Europe


Learn about the serious risks of MasterCard, VISA, Apple and Samsung Pay.

Be aware that cryptocurrencies will become mainstream.

& much more!

Discover how you can make an account portability in 3 minutes end-to-end online.

This guide will help you:




Understand why Apple Pay or VISA are threatened & how this could affect you

Both AML5 & eIDAS enable videoidentification for formal remote customer identification in any member state

How to provide services to a Digital Single Market with 508 million consumers 

What you will learn:

banks using digital identification systems 
have opted for our VideoID solution with


70% increase in their conversion rate


Find out how to provide services to 508 million consumers in just 1 click.


in the new unique European market 


508 M

300 M


in the US market 

Who is responsible for my personal data?

Two Game Changers in the European Financial Industry

Increase your chances of growing faster with no restriction:


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AML5 & eIDASTwo game changers 
in the European Financial Industry

Who is responsible for my personal data?

Ever dreamed of a 
Unique European Market such as in the US?

AML5 regulation allows you to access 508M consumers in just a click!
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