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'eID is Cool Vendor because it is creating a new internet category service for customer onboarding through its Video IDentification technology, biometrics and AI algorithm.Deborah Kish, Gartner

The e-Trust services company

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9 out every 10 banks opt for VideoID

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Customer Onboarding European Standardization

This is not a dream. It is a regulation in force since December 2020 and we are the only provider in the market that can make it a reality for your business.


How to access 500 million citizens with one simple process.

About the technology that is making Qualified Electronic Signature possible.

To use an easy-to-configure bot.

Face to Machine Customer IDentification

The new standard for Face Biometrics

The definitive Electronic Signature

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'The Everis Digital Banking Unit states that it has been a pleasure to collaborate with Self Bank and eID in the launch of this pioneering project in Spain.'

'This is the company that all financial institutions must know when considering and developing their digital transformation strategies and critical RegTech mission.'



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Customer Onboarding EU Standardization is a reality, are you ready to take off?


This is not a dream.


Do you know how to become a european financial company serving 500 million users?

Customer Onboarding European Standardization